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Front Entry Doors West Babylon
Posted 20 hours ago

Single Front Entry Door with Sidelites, Cherry Grain, Wood Finish, Privacy Glass

There is no worse feeling during the winter than trying to heat your home while your front door is drafty. If you’re looking for Doors West Babylon that are designed with quality and beauty in mind, look no further than Royal Windows and Doors. At Royal Windows and Doors, they design, manufacture, install and guarantee all of their windows and doors. That means they are experts in creating a door that will survive the elements, and it’s installed properly to prevent drafts in your home. Drafts that can cost you thousands in energy trying to maintain your home’s temperature. When it comes to Doors West Babylon – nobody makes a better door for the money than Royal Windows and Doors.

Five Popular Front Door Colors and What They Say About You
Posted 2 years ago
Wrought Iron Entry Door in Black Finish

Wrought Iron Entry Door in Black Finish

So, what does your front door color say about you and the way you regard your home? Here’s what a color psychologist might say about some of the most common front door colors:

  • Blue.
    Shown to be the most popular color in many studies, a blue front door signals that the homeowner views his or her home as a place of refuge — calm, serene, and relaxing, the perfect retreat from an often harsh and demanding world.
  • Green.
    Green is another popular color for the front door, and with good reason. Psychologically speaking, green connotes health, safety, tranquility, and harmony, all highly desirable attributes for the home environment.
  • Black.
    Those who paint the front door black are communicating something entirely different about their homes. A black front door projects strength, sophistication, power, and authority, indicating to all who enter or even passersby that the home is a serious place inhabited by a person of substance.
  • Red.
    Regarded as a powerful “punch” color, red is the color of passion. By painting the front door red, the homeowner is saying that the home within is a vibrant place, full of life, energy, and excitement.
  • Brown.
    Whether painted or stained, a brown front door looks natural and organic, but it can send mixed messages in terms of color psychology. On the one hand, brown conveys warmth, stability, and reliability, positive attributes all, but certain darker shades of brown signal a desire for privacy, even isolation.

At Royal Windows and Doors we manufacture the most technologically advanced doors that the market has to offer. We use the latest technology in door manufacturing, LVL engineered rail fiberglass door panels, non-warping fiberglass glass frames, ‘Framesaver’ rot resistant doorframes, high performance adjustable doorsills and continuous sill mull post frame construction for door and side panel units. We offer Oak, Cherry, and Mahogany Fiberglass door textures that showcase the most detailed grains available anywhere. Our unique wood look factory finishes are a result of our proprietary painted process that does not use gel stains or clear coats, making the finishes much more durable. The array of offered colors can complement any home’s exterior or interior color schemes.

Replacement Doors, Long Island, NY
Posted 2 years ago
Double Entry Door with Wrought Iron Design

Double Entry Door with Wrought Iron Design

Long Island, with summer retreating and seasons changing, September’s home improvement chores focus on getting your home ready for the cooler weather ahead. So take advantage of these last warm, sunny days to tackle all the important tasks in and around your home.

One of those important tasks is to inspect your exterior doors and replace them if needed. Doors can become damaged over time, so door replacement is an obvious way to give a home some TLC. New doors from Royal Windows and Doors can provide an added connection to the outdoors—which is perfect for taking in autumn’s colors and its cooler temperatures. Whether it’s an entrance door, a glass storm door, patio doors, or French doors, getting a replacement door can let some of the outside come inside.

Royal Windows and Doors offer Wood grain Premium Fiberglass Entry Door designs that let in the light but keep your air-guitar performances safely in-house. Glass Doors welcome and protect your privacy too.  Our Solid Premium Fiberglass Entry Doors  meet any individual taste with beautiful styling and finish options.

We also manufacture the ideal Patio Doors for your home. Royal Windows and Doors offer distinctive design options like between-the-glass grilles, and shades, as well as double-pane Low-E insulating glass and foam-insulated panels.

Royal Windows and Doors manufacture the prestigious Elmont storm door that was introduced by Elmont Manufacturing in 1952.

Available in fourteen different styles, and featuring a wide range of hardware options, Elmont storm doors are as unique as you are.


Long Island, increase the value of your home, improve the curb appeal of your home, and save on energy with Replacement Doors by Royal Windows and Doors. Who could ask for anything more!


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