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Angie's List 2016
Entry Doors, Suffolk County, NY
Posted 2 years ago

It is known that some of the finest homes in the USA are on Suffolk County, Long Island . A fine home requires a beautiful Entry Door. But how do you determine which door is right for you? An Entry Door — like any exterior material — has to be tough enough to withstand the elements. But it also should complement and add to the aesthetic of your home.

Suffolk County, Wood doors are sensitive to the elements and more expensive on the exterior door scale. Steel doors can suffer dents , they rust and tend to have a shorter lifespan than wood or fiberglass .

Royal Windows and Doors has been manufacturing Premium Fiberglass Entry Doors. Since this material resists denting, warping, rot, rust, and other issues associated with wood and metal, fiberglass is a natural choice for a front door exposed to extreme weather. It’s great for high traffic areas, and its appearance can be easily customized to look like wood.

Suffolk County, at Royal Windows and Doors we manufacture the most technologically advanced entry doors that the market has to offer. We use the latest technology in door manufacturing, LVL engineered rail fiberglass door panels, non-warping fiberglass glass frames, ‘Framesaver’ rot resistant doorframes, high performance adjustable doorsills and continuous sill mull post frame construction for door and side panel units. We offer Oak, Cherry, and Mahogany Fiberglass door textures that showcase the most detailed grains available anywhere. Our unique wood look factory finishes are a result of our proprietary painted process that does not use gel stains or clear coats, making the finishes much more durable. The array of offered colors can complement any home’s exterior or interior color schemes.


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