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Angie's List 2016
Ways to Create Indoor-Outdoor Connections for Long Islanders.
Posted 2 years ago

Expand nature’s soothing embrace with entry doors, sliding doors, french doors and generous windows.

Forging a strong connection between indoors and outdoors can make your home feel more expansive and light filled, and can encourage flow between indoor and outdoor rooms. You would be hard pressed to find another design change that has a greater impact on the way you experience everyday life at home. Whether you are currently planning a remodeling project or simply want to get inspired, these ideas for bridging indoors and out are a good place to start.

Create seamless flow. A full glass entry door makes an impressive entry on its own — but pair it with a back wall of glass French or Sliding doors, and the light really flows. The same flooring material indoors and out creates an uninterrupted flow from the front to the back of this home.

Add an around-the-corner window. Break away from the traditional four-walls-and-windows pattern by incorporating a corner window. Getting rid of the corner makes you feel as if you are part of the view, and this spot is likely to become the highlight of your home. If you have a spectacular view from anywhere in your home, that’s where to put your corner window. Corner windows are not just for grand vistas — they also do an amazing job of bringing the outdoors in even if the view is just to your own backyard.

Give a desk a view. If you work from home or spend a lot of time at your desk, open it to a fabulous view. Positioning your desk in an upstairs room will offer the best views, no matter where you live — bring the windows from the desk level right up to the ceiling for maximum views and light.

Design a family room with doors. A family room can be enhanced with Sliding or French doors. Glass doors allow you to enjoy the view while inside and let in extra light. Consider sectioning off a small part of your yard with shrubs, trees or a fence for privacy. A water feature is a serene touch and also helps mask noises.

Lose the kitchen wall. Opening up an entire side of your kitchen with floor-to-ceiling glass doors is a high-impact change that could revolutionize your daily life.

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