Royal Windows and Doors manufactures high quality replacement windows and new construction windows. We also manufacture fiberglass and steel entry doors on Long Island for Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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Windows, Manhasset
Posted 1 year ago
Windows & Doors Manhasset

Windows & Doors Manhasset

Manhasset, the view and fresh air from your windows make a huge impact on the experience of being in your house

Whether you plan on building a new home, renovating an existing house or simply replacing some windows, you’ll be confronted with a maze of window choices and options. From all the choices for location, size, type, style, function, operation, material, finish, hardware and assembly, you could very well feel like you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole.


The use of different window types at the house makes a change, since each type of window has its particular uses. There are many styles of windows to suit any personal choice but the most important is getting clear choices of windows. In other terms, the most important is which one is suitable for your project, not about the style, but about quality and functionality.


Royal Windows and Doors use a high quality uPVC extrusions for their window manufacturing. Made from an exclusive blend and tested to ensure top performance, our window extrusion profiles feature multi-chamber designs with heavy walls which when welded create very strong, air and water tight window corners. Manhasset, these extrusions will not be affected by the elements or by UV light. They will retain their strength, finish and shape for many years to come. Your benefit is that replacement or new construction windows from Royal Windows and Doors will last up to three times as long as regular windows, making our windows the only windows you will ever need.




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