Royal Windows and Doors manufactures high quality replacement windows and new construction windows. We also manufacture fiberglass and steel entry doors on Long Island for Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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Replacement Doors, Long Island, NY
Posted 2 years ago
Double Entry Door with Wrought Iron Design

Double Entry Door with Wrought Iron Design

Long Island, with summer retreating and seasons changing, September’s home improvement chores focus on getting your home ready for the cooler weather ahead. So take advantage of these last warm, sunny days to tackle all the important tasks in and around your home.

One of those important tasks is to inspect your exterior doors and replace them if needed. Doors can become damaged over time, so door replacement is an obvious way to give a home some TLC. New doors from Royal Windows and Doors can provide an added connection to the outdoors—which is perfect for taking in autumn’s colors and its cooler temperatures. Whether it’s an entrance door, a glass storm door, patio doors, or French doors, getting a replacement door can let some of the outside come inside.

Royal Windows and Doors offer Wood grain Premium Fiberglass Entry Door designs that let in the light but keep your air-guitar performances safely in-house. Glass Doors welcome and protect your privacy too.  Our Solid Premium Fiberglass Entry Doors  meet any individual taste with beautiful styling and finish options.

We also manufacture the ideal Patio Doors for your home. Royal Windows and Doors offer distinctive design options like between-the-glass grilles, and shades, as well as double-pane Low-E insulating glass and foam-insulated panels.

Royal Windows and Doors manufacture the prestigious Elmont storm door that was introduced by Elmont Manufacturing in 1952.

Available in fourteen different styles, and featuring a wide range of hardware options, Elmont storm doors are as unique as you are.


Long Island, increase the value of your home, improve the curb appeal of your home, and save on energy with Replacement Doors by Royal Windows and Doors. Who could ask for anything more!


Patio Doors, Huntington, NY
Posted 2 years ago
French Patio Doors

French Patio Doors

Huntington, just like your home’s exterior, the material of your patio door is equally important to your home’s overall look. Be sure the quality and style of your patio door complements your home. French sliding doors offer the most design options, because you can select the door style, accessories and glass. If you want your patio door to have the same architectural style and feel of your front entry and garage doors, then you’ll want a hinged or French door, rather than a sliding patio door, which is basically all glass.

Huntington, our patio doors can be custom built to your specified needs. We offer the between the glass blinds or a variety of designer grills for your needs.

Huntington, we manufacture nearly every patio door style available. Our designs are both elegant and functional. Architectural series patio doors can make a statement by creating dramatic views both from inside and outside your home.

Go ahead, order your patio doors today. There is still plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your summer outdoors.

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