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Stunning Patio Doors – Buy Factory Direct Long Island
Posted 1 year ago
Stunning Patio Doors - Buy Factory Direct & Save

Stunning Patio Doors – Buy Factory Direct & Save

As a consumer you have two main choices or ways of buying patio doors. You can either choose to buy patio doors from a company that acts as a distributor and reseller of  doors manufactured by third parties out of state, or you can buy factory direct from Royal Windows and Doors, a local Long Island manufacturer serving the Tri-State area with  doors since 1989. By choosing Royal you have the advantage of being able to visit one of our conveniently located showrooms as well as the factory to help you with your selection. Our elegantly appointed showrooms display all the types of  doors we manufacture and install. You will feel at home at any one of our showrooms. We have been helping Long Island residents with their replacement doors for more than twenty seven years. We serve both Nassau County and Suffolk County homeowners with their  door needs.




Swing Patio Doors for Sag Harbor, NY
Posted 2 years ago


Architect Philip Johnson famously remarked, “I have very expensive wallpaper,” referring to the four see-through walls of his Glass House, completed in 1949. Even today transparency defines modern architecture. And our desire to connect our interior living spaces with the outdoors has only increased in recent years.

Sag Harbor, establishing these connections, without completely sacrificing a building’s thermal performance has been very difficult. But the demand for spaces that open completely to the outdoors has spurred the development of larger and larger thermally efficient doors.

Royal Windows and Doors can help you choose the best Swing Patio Doors Sag Harbor that will not only improve the ease of transferring from indoors to outdoors but will add energy efficiency to your home too. We don’t make Swing Patio Doors like they did years ago.

Royal Windows and Doors manufactures Swing Patio Doors  of quality, craftsmanship and warranties that go beyond the norm. Come to the showroom and see the vast selection of Patio Doors . Bring a photo of your home, so we can suggest styles that will help to give you the look and the performance that you need so you can enjoy the lifestyle and your home to its fullest.


Replacement Doors, Long Island, NY
Posted 2 years ago
Double Entry Door with Wrought Iron Design

Double Entry Door with Wrought Iron Design

Long Island, with summer retreating and seasons changing, September’s home improvement chores focus on getting your home ready for the cooler weather ahead. So take advantage of these last warm, sunny days to tackle all the important tasks in and around your home.

One of those important tasks is to inspect your exterior doors and replace them if needed. Doors can become damaged over time, so door replacement is an obvious way to give a home some TLC. New doors from Royal Windows and Doors can provide an added connection to the outdoors—which is perfect for taking in autumn’s colors and its cooler temperatures. Whether it’s an entrance door, a glass storm door, patio doors, or French doors, getting a replacement door can let some of the outside come inside.

Royal Windows and Doors offer Wood grain Premium Fiberglass Entry Door designs that let in the light but keep your air-guitar performances safely in-house. Glass Doors welcome and protect your privacy too.  Our Solid Premium Fiberglass Entry Doors  meet any individual taste with beautiful styling and finish options.

We also manufacture the ideal Patio Doors for your home. Royal Windows and Doors offer distinctive design options like between-the-glass grilles, and shades, as well as double-pane Low-E insulating glass and foam-insulated panels.

Royal Windows and Doors manufacture the prestigious Elmont storm door that was introduced by Elmont Manufacturing in 1952.

Available in fourteen different styles, and featuring a wide range of hardware options, Elmont storm doors are as unique as you are.


Long Island, increase the value of your home, improve the curb appeal of your home, and save on energy with Replacement Doors by Royal Windows and Doors. Who could ask for anything more!


Patio Doors
Posted 2 years ago

One of the most relaxing parts of your home is likely your patio. The patio is a homeowner’s outdoor sanctuary, a place to extend the amenities of the indoors into nature. Whether you prefer it to be a solitary oasis or a place for entertainment, one important aspect of its design is the patio door. The door frames your patio and adds to its aesthetics as much as any other component. The patio door’s function is to allow access to and from the patio, but it also frames your landscape, making the view of your home from the outside as well as the view of your patio from the inside more appealing. While your patio door has important aesthetic properties, it is also a practical member of the door and energy efficient home equipment co-op. That means, your patio door must not only be beautiful and inviting but also efficient and pragmatic.

For a high quality patio doors that you can find on Long Island, call Royal Windows and Doors. We are the experts in energy efficient exterior home improvements and we manufacture the best patio doors possible. Our vast selection is unbeatable. Visit Royal Windows and Doors Today !!

Patio Doors, Farmingdale
Posted 2 years ago

Farmingdale, take advantage of the warm weather and spend your evenings outdoors on your porch or patio.

Sliding glass Doors and French Doors can be left open during summer gatherings, enabling guests to mix freely throughout indoor and outdoor rooms.

Farmingdale, are you looking for Stylish, Low-Maintenance and Energy-Efficient Patio Doors? Royal Windows and Doors has the ideal Patio Doors for your home. Royal Windows and Doors offer distinctive design options like between-the-glass grilles, and shades, as well as double-pane Low-E insulating glass and foam-insulated panels.

Go ahead, order your Patio Doors today. There is still plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your summer outdoors.

French Patio Doors , Transoms ,All with grills between the Glass , White Finish

French Patio Doors , Transoms ,All with grills between the Glass , White Finish

Patio Doors Dix Hills, NY
Posted 3 years ago

Dix Hills, the large glass patio door hasn’t been around for very long. It took modern manufacturing techniques to make it affordable. But what was once the province of the wealthy and aristocratic is now available in a wide variety of styles for every home.


Here at Royal Windows and Doors we have the right Patio Door for your home from sliding to hinged, in-swing and out-swing french doors. We manufacture, design, and install all of our patio doors right here on Long Island, allowing us to design custom sliding and swing doors that will fit your home perfectly. Our design center utilizes architectural drawings that will help you visualize all of the different options available to you. You may be looking for simple doors or perhaps you want that wow factor in your Patio Doors Dix Hills.

We offer the best warrantees on all of our products and services so when your projects are finished, you can have peace of mind knowing that if you ever have a problem you can just give us a call. We take personal responsibility for all the work we complete and make sure you are satisfied. Come in and browse one of our showrooms for your new Patio Doors Dix Hills.

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