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Super Spacer™


What is warm edge technology?

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Warm Edge Technology refers to the type of spacer material used to separate the panes of glass (or glazing) in an insulating glass window unit. If the material is less conductive than a conventional aluminum spacer at the edge of the glass, it is said to be warm edge. Most newer window spacers are less conductive and outperform aluminum. But there’s still one small problem – they may contain some kind of metal, which is highly conductive.All of Quanex’s spacer products are considered to be low-conductivity, warm edge spacer products that effectively block the heat escape path and provide some of the best thermal performance and durability in the industry.
Windows that last

Long-Term Durability = Sustainability
When the elements come knocking, windows made with Quanex’s warm edge spacer technologies will more than meet the challenge.

Windows are constantly exposed to temperature changes, UV ray bombardment, barometric pressure changes and wind load. Rigid spacers containing metal don’t allow for the natural expansion and contraction that must occur in the insulating glass unit to offset the effects of these pressures on the glass. The results are stress cracks that eventually lead to seal failure. Windows made with flexible warm edge technologies develop far fewer stress cracks than windows made with rigid spacers.

If only the strong survive, Quanex spacers will outlast the rest.


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Super Spacer® SustainaView™ Window Technology

You want to do your part? We can help.

With a heightened awareness of the human effect on the environment, we are all becoming more conscious about the choices we make in our lives and in our homes. It’s about making changes in even the smallest of ways,

including choosing Super Spacer® SustainaView™ Window Technology, which is proven to:

• Last longer without needing to be replaced, keeping windows in your home longer and out of landfills
• Promote energy efficiency so that less energy is needed to heat or cool your home

There are many window options, but only one clear choice to protect the view outside – Quanex’s proven Super Spacer® SustainaView Window Technology. Learn more about how you can do your part by downloading our SustainaView brochure.

SustainaView contains the same Super Spacer technology as HealthSmart Windows. Learn more about how to protect your family and home against window condensation.


Super Spacer® Health Smart® Windows

To keep window condensation moisture off the glass, your windows need to have the warmest edge of glass temperatures possible.

Health Smart Sticker (with definition)Super Spacer effectively blocks the heat escape path for premium energy efficiency, while eliminating condensation, which can lead to harmful mold growth around your windows. There are many window options, but only one clear choice to protect your family – Edgetech’s proven Super Spacer Health Smart Windows®. Learn more by downloading our Health Smart brochure.

Health Smart Windows contains the same Super Spacer technology as SustainaView™. Learn more about doing your part to protect the environment


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