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What is uPVC?


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Material quality & Testing.

What is uPVC ?

Royal Windows and Doors uses the highest quality uPVC extrusions available in the industry to manufacture the highest quality windows you can buy. State of the art compounding procedures and very elaborate testing ensure that our extrusions are the best that you can buy. By taking the utmost care to manufacture our windows we produce very high quality products as can be measured through industry specified tests.

The attached brochure outlines the blending process for our uPVC and the tests performed to ensure the highest quality. The first page, titled ‘Micron Blend’ & ‘Spectus Blend’, describes the compounding process that our extruder, Mikron Systems, uses to formulate their exclusive blend used in all the profiles we use. The second page titled ‘Our 14 Tests Prove It’, describes a series of tests that are performed on the compound, the extruded profiles and the finished product, the window, to make sure that the windows we manufacture are of the highest quality possible.

The ‘Mikron Blend’ page describes all the ingredients that go into making the uPVC compound with which all our extrusions are made of. Extruders never reveal the specifics of the formulation, like how much of each material goes into the blender or the recipe so to speak. They actually guard this information carefully. What is important to know however is that some of these materials are expensive and most extruders use them very sparingly if at all and some are very cheap and the low grade formulations use a lot of them. The expensive ingredients are the Tin Stabilizers, the acrylic Impact Modifiers and the Titanium Dioxide. The cheap one of course is the Calcium Carbonate otherwise known as chalk. High quality extrusions, like the ones we use, contain large amounts of Stabilizers, Impact modifiers and Titanium Dioxide. It is their unique composition that makes our extrusions the most expensive on the market today. Low grade extrusions use very little if any Impact Modifiers and Titanium Dioxide and large amounts of Calcium Carbonate that builds a lot of mass cheaply. The quality of such extrusion profiles is very inferior and the windows made from these extrusions are consequently of low quality.

Using high quality raw ingredients to formulate the material for the extrusions is a great starting point. However there is also a need for a series of tests and quality control steps that ensure that the end result, the final window made from such extrusions, meets the highest standards of quality. Our extruder, Mikron Systems, has such a system in place that is described in the second page of the brochure. Some of the tests described are prescribed by AAMA, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, and some are simply additional tests and controls that Mikron does in addition to the AAMA ones. AAMA is the main association for window related manufacturers of all types of windows. They issue guidelines and set standards by which all window framing materials as well as the windows themselves are tested and evaluated. Most of these standards and tests are voluntary. However the products we manufacture are continuously tested and the test results are available. The AAMA Structural test reports for our products simply confirm that all the procedures and all the tests that Mikron uses to ensure the highest quality do just that.

There is one more step required to ensure that a window made of the highest quality extrusions is actually a high quality window that performs its intended function. This is the actual manufacturing or window assembly step. As a window manufacturer, Royal Windows stands apart among a very large group of both small and large manufacturers around the country. Our technical background, the team of people we have assembled at Royal and our dedication in what we do has allowed us to rise to a level of respect among most of our peers. Many of these window manufacturers around the country, both inside and outside the Mikron family, continuously request to visit our factory. Our extruder, Mikron Systems, looks to us for feedback in their continuous effort to both design new products and improve on existing ones. Back in 1989 we were the first window manufacturers whose entire product line was comprised of welded windows only. Through our efforts and those of other quality oriented extruders and manufacturers, welded windows became the standard in the industry. Differences in quality levels among different manufacturers however continue to be widespread. The most obvious differences can be seen when comparing corner samples of different windows. Some of them are very flimsy with very few and very thin walls. When different window designs are compared it is evident that some windows use less than half of the framing material than others. The worst result is that the light weight windows also use the lowest grade pvc available. Their objective is to reduce cost and it is done at the expense of quality and durability.

The bottom line is that Royal Windows utilize the best designed and formulated window extrusions available, to carefully manufacture the best uPVC windows on the market today. That is why we stand behind every window we make with the best warranties available anywhere.

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