Royal Windows and Doors manufactures high quality replacement windows and new construction windows. We also manufacture fiberglass and steel entry doors on Long Island for Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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Royal Windows and Doors manufacture replacement and new construction windows, sliding and swing patio doors as well as steel and fiberglass entry doors and storm doors. We are located in Suffolk County, on Long Island in New York State. We operate out of a 60,000 square foot factory located in Bay Shore, New York. We serve customers with their window and door needs in Nassau County and Suffolk County.

We currently have two showrooms, one in Bay Shore where the factory is located and one in Commack New York.


Since the early nineties Royal has been manufacturing high quality upvc replacement windows as well as new construction windows. Royal was among the first companies nationwide to introduce a very high quality, all welded upvc vinyl window line. With the introduction of the Royal window line, upvc vinyl windows could for the very first time, compete very favorably in looks, functionality and elegance, with the most recognized national brands of wood windows. Most importantly, Royal windows outperform these famous brands in durability, ease of operation, and the elimination of the need for constant maintenance.


Royal upvc vinyl windows perform very highly in structural performance tests as well as air infiltration tests. They are therefore extremely durable and efficient even in severe weather environments. Even before the concern for energy conservation and higher energy efficiency in all aspects of our lives became the issue of the day, Royal was producing some of the most energy efficient windows and doors available anywhere. We embraced the use of high performance glass that incorporates double and triple glazed windows along with specialty inert gas fillings like argon and krypton in the sealed spaces. We use warm edge glass spacers (Edgetech ‘Superspacer’) to achieve maximum energy efficiency for the entire window. Royal manufactures windows and doors with energy performance efficiencies that are second to none.


Soon after establishing itself as the premier window manufacturer in the Tri-State New York area, Royal Windows expanded its product line with the introduction of the most elegant entry doors made on Long Island. Royal entry doors are available with thousands of beautiful leaded glass designs, in many shapes and sizes, as well as many glass caming finishes and wrought iron designs. Royal entry doors are known for their elegance as well as their exquisite finishes and durability. Royal Entry doors are available in heavy gauge metal, upvc vinyl and fiberglass panels. Royal fiberglass doors are offered in oak, cherry and mahogany grain textures. We offer many wood look painted finishes on all three grains of Fiberglass entry doors.



Starting in 1995 Royal began manufacturing the famous ‘Elmont’ storm door line after purchasing it from Elmont Manufacturing. The Elmont storm door is famous for its excellent durability that is a result of a great design and heavy construction. The Elmont line consists of fourteen different models of storm doors, from full glass doors to half glass doors. Royals’ Elmont storm doors are made exclusively of heavy extruded aluminum rails and panels and include custom corner gussets and hinges. They are offered with insulated bottom panels and a large variety of storm door locks that include some heavy duty mortised deadbolt models.


From its humble beginnings the Royal product line has grown to include all types of windows and doors for any home. Throughout our entire existence we have stuck to a simple philosophy for designing and adding new products: “We will not sell any product that we would not be proud to install in our own home.” We see the role of Royal Windows and Doors not just as a window and door manufacturer but also as a group of dedicated professionals with the expertise, resources and commitment to satisfy all of your window and door requirements. We have the ability to come up with the most creative ideas to give our customers exactly what they desire. All of our windows and doors are custom manufactured to fit the needs of each individual customer.


Our commitment to you, our valued customer, does not end with the timely delivery of your orders. We are fully prepared and capable to respond to your needs after the sale. Whether you need additional windows and doors in a rush or require consultation or service at the job site, we are always ready to serve you. Royal Windows and Doors provide you with a warranty. As an established local manufacturer based on Long Island we are able to give all our customers superior service and support before and after the sale. We rely heavily on our reputation for quality and service to attract and retain new customers, and we therefore have made quality and service the cornerstones of our business model.


Most homeowners that have at one time or another shopped for home improvement products like windows and doors or siding, kitchens and bathrooms, call in several companies that will come to their home and give them an estimate for these products and services. There are differences in how each company approaches this process but for the most part they need all the decision makers to be present at the house and they will put on a structured presentation. These presentations take place at the kitchen table or another room with a table and chairs and they could run from one to three hours. The presentation is geared towards showcasing the specific products that the company sells and it involves going through a series of product features that explain why their product is the best and why the homeowner should sign the agreement right then and there. A lot of the companies will make comparisons between their products and other competing products that the homeowner may have looked into in order to downgrade the competition and elevate their own products.


Royal Windows and Doors work with a completely different philosophy. We prefer not to make a presentation in the home if possible. We will come to your home to find out what you need and take measurements and photos to allow us to make an evaluation of your project. We will ask questions to find out exactly what you want.


Come visit us. Browse in our showrooms or take a tour of our 60,000 square foot factory. 
Let us meet your window and door needs. Come experience the Royal Advantage.and make suggestions based on our extensive experience with windows and doors. Once we have all the information we need we invite you back to one of our showrooms with an appointment, to go over all your options regarding the products and services you need. Before you come back to our showroom we explore all the possible solutions we have to offer and get ready for your meeting.



We prefer to work with you, as your consultants, to determine what the best options are available to you regarding our products and services. We will present you with as many options as possible to satisfy your needs based on your budget. We are one of very few companies that have the cost of our products posted next to each product in our showrooms. We understand that our products and services are not for every available customer. We do however have a lot of options to offer that meet the budgets of a majority of customers. Our showrooms showcase all the windows and doors we manufacture and allow you to see the products in full scale in a setting that will allow you to relate to your own home. If you need professionals that are experts in windows and doors to be your consultants then we are the company for you. We will not pressure you to buy any of our products if they are not the best quality products you will find on the market or if they are not the right products for you.


We pledge to exceed your expectations.

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