Royal Windows and Doors manufactures high quality replacement windows and new construction windows. We also manufacture fiberglass and steel entry doors on Long Island for Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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Why Royal?


Quality and Durability. 

Royal Windows and Doors use high quality uPVC extrusions for their window manufacturing. Made from an exclusive blend and tested to ensure top performance, our window extrusion profiles feature multi-chamber designs with heavy walls which when welded create very strong, air and water tight window corners. These extrusions will not be affected by the elements or by UV light. They will retain their strength, finish and shape for many years to come. Your benefit is that replacement or new construction windows from Royal Windows and Doors will last  longer than regular windows, making our windows the only windows you will ever need.


At Royal Windows and Doors we manufacture technologically advanced doors that the market has to offer. We use the latest technology in door manufacturing, LVL engineered rail fiberglass door panels, non-warping fiberglass glass frames, ‘Framesaver’ rot resistant doorframes, high performance adjustable doorsills and continuous sill mull post frame construction for door and side panel units. We offer Oak, Cherry, and Mahogany Fiberglass door textures that showcase the most detailed grains available anywhere. Our unique wood look factory finishes are a result of our proprietary painted process that does not use gel stains or clear coats, making the finishes much more durable. The array of offered colors can complement any home’s exterior or interior color schemes.


Functionality and Ease of Use.

All of our operable windows come with screens and are easily operated for controlled ventilation. They can be washed from inside the home, eliminating the need for climbing ladders outside. They require absolutely no maintenance other than cleaning. No more paint brushes or caulking guns!


Royal Windows and Doors offer a large variety of entry doors that are easy to live with. Whether you need a door with blinds between the glass for controlled privacy or a door with a lot of glass to allow for maximum light into your home, we have it.


Energy Efficiency.

uPVC is an excellent insulator. When designed with multiple chambers and dead air spaces inside the extrusion, it creates a framing material that is extremely resistant to the transfer of heat and cold. High performance Low E glass used in either double or triple glass configurations in all Royal windows as well as the use of special gases like argon or krypton as well as warm edge glass superspacers result in extremely efficient windows with very low U values. Our triple weather strip designs are responsible for giving Royal windows the lowest air infiltration performance you will find anywhere.


All our entry doors are insulated with high R-value blown in polyurethane foam insulation to provide maximum resistance to heat and cold. In addition they use Q-Lon compression weather strips and high performance door bottom sweeps to minimize air infiltration.


Selection, Elegance and Style.

We manufacture nearly every window and door style available. Our designs are both elegant and functional. We offer a very large selection of decorative grills placed inside the insulated glass. Architectural series windows can make a statement by creating dramatic views both from inside and outside your home.


Royal Windows and Doors offer a large variety of Fiberglass entry doors including single, double and doors with side panels to fit every home. Our entry doors feature beautiful leaded and wrought iron glass designs that will beautify any home. We offer all sizes and shapes of door glass with varying degrees of privacy to make it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you need a simple single door or an elaborate entryway with architectural transom windows over the door we make it happen. From classic to contemporary designs, we have it all.


Expert Installation if required.

Royal will manufacture all your windows and doors to your exact specifications. You can choose your own installers or contractors to have the windows and doors installed, or if you require expert factory installers we will be more than happy to provide you with our installation services. If you choose to have us install your Royal windows or doors you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our installers are knowledgeable and experienced with all our products.


Local Manufacturer and Installer.

As a consumer you have two main choices or ways of buying windows and doors. You can either choose to buy windows and doors from a company that acts as a distributor and reseller of windows and doors manufactured by third parties out of state, or you can buy factory direct from Royal Windows and Doors, a local Long Island manufacturer serving the Tri-State area with windows and doors since 1989. By choosing Royal you have the advantage of being able to visit one of our conveniently located showrooms as well as the factory to help you with your selection. Our elegantly appointed showrooms display all the types of windows and doors we manufacture and install. You will feel at home at any one of our showrooms. We have been helping Long Island residents with their replacement or new construction windows and entry doors for more than twenty eight years. We serve both Nassau County and Suffolk County homeowners with their window and door needs.


Strive to be the best in the window and door business.

If you are like most homeowners looking to replace your windows and doors, the most difficult task you face is to acquire the right information to allow you to make the correct decision for you and your home.  Ideally you would want to select the windows that are most appropriate for your house as well as select the installation method that works best with the unique specifications of your existing windows and the way they are installed on your home. Most homeowners do not realize that there are several options when it comes to the installation method and only one of them may be the proper way to do it. Our people are not only knowledgeable about all the windows and doors that are available on the market, including ours of course, but are also extremely well informed about all the available installation options. They will consult with you to educate you about all the aspects of window selection available to you as well as the proper installation process for your particular situation. We will not pressure you to buy any particular window or door setup. We prefer to present all your available options and act as your expert window and door consultant to help you select what is most appropriate for you and your allocated budget. If for any reason our windows or doors are not appropriate for you and your home, we will be the first ones to tell you.

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