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Royal Windows and Doors manufactures high quality replacement windows and new construction windows. We also manufacture fiberglass and steel entry doors on Long Island for Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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Double Hung Windows

Features & Benefits

Royal Windows and Doors

Double Hung Window Benefits

High performance and function
Strong & durable long lasting windows
Maximum strength & energy efficiency
Strong and rigid long lasting windows
Beautiful and smooth surface finishes
Watertight and airtight window frames
Minimal air infiltration around sashes
Minimal air infiltration at meeting rails
Smooth sash movement and easy tilt
Safe sash operation and inward tilting
Effortless up and down sash movement
Glass cannot be removed from exterior
Minimizes outside noise transmission
Strong secure watertight connections

Optional Frame accessories

Dozens of interior & exterior snap trim options for different installations
Integral exterior snap lock nailing flange for new construction installations
Integral exterior snap lock nailing flange with J channel for siding return
Integral exterior snap lock flanged brickmold with optional J channel pocket
Integral exterior snap lock stucco fin for specialized exterior seals & finishes
Interior 1/2” & 3/4” drywall return pockets for perfect interior drywall returns
Various sizes snap mulls for secure and watertight connections of mulled units
Sash and mull reinforcements enable the construction of oversized windows
Optional foam filled frames and sashes for improved thermal performance

Energy Efficient Glass

Royal Windows and Doors

Super Spacer Sealed

Super Spacer® SustainaView™ Window Technology

You want to do your part, we can help.

With a heightened awareness of the human effect on the environment, we are all becoming more conscious about the choices we make in our lives and in our homes.

It’s about making changes in even the smallest of ways, including choosing Super Spacer® SustainaView™

Window Technology, which is proven to:
• Last longer without needing to be replaced, keeping windows in your home longer and out of landfills

• Promote energy efficiency so that less energy is needed to heat or cool your home

There are many window options, but only one clear choice to protect the view outside – Quanex’s proven Super Spacer® SustainaView Window Technology. Learn more about how you can do your part by downloading our SustainaView brochure.

SustainaView contains the same Super Spacer technology as HealthSmart Windows. Learn more about how to protect your family and home against window condensation.

Glass Options

Royal Windows and Doors

Glass Options to customize your windows

Grill Designs

Colonial Grill Patterns

All grill designs are set inside the insulated glass so the never need cleaning.
Royal Windows and Doors

Perimeter Grill Patterns

Choose from Traditional rectangular, Contour or slim grills designs.
Royal Windows and Doors


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Royal Windows and Doors

Royal Windows and Doors

Interior - Exterior Trim Options

Interior Trim Options

Royal Windows and Doors

Exterior Trim Options

Royal Windows and Doors

Exterior Accessories

Exterior Accessories

Royal Windows and Doors

Custom Finishes

Custom Color Options

Royal Windows and Doors

Custom Sizes - Limitations

Royal Windows and Doors

Size & Limitations

Themal - Structural - Acoustic

Thermal Information

Royal Windows and Doors

Structural Information

Royal Windows and Doors

Acoustic Information

Royal Windows and Doors
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