Suffolk County, new energy efficient windows are definitely a very smart investment for any homeowner. In fact, with energy saving windows you will recoup substantial energy savings, increase your home’s resale value, and make your home more comfortable all year long. Old windows are costing you money each and every month that goes by because they lack the energy efficient qualities that modern windows possess. If you have old and leaky windows you are most likely suffering through a hot house in the summer and a cold and drafty house in the winter months. Suffolk County, another drawback of holding onto your old windows is that they will drag down the curb appeal and potential value of your home.


At Royal Windows & Doors, we use high quality uPVC extrusions for our window manufacturing. Made from an exclusive blend and tested to ensure top performance, our window extrusion profiles feature multi-chamber designs with heavy walls which when welded create very strong, air and water tight window corners. These extrusions will not be affected by the elements or by UV light. They will retain their strength, finish and shape for many years to come. Your benefit, Suffolk County, is that replacement or new construction windows from Royal Windows and Doors will last up to three times as long as regular windows, making our windows the only windows you will ever need.