Winterize Your Home This Winter Nassau County

Winterize Your Home This Winter Nassau County

Oh Winter, how I love and I loathed you !!!

Nassau County this Winter you can be prepared and you can only enjoy it.

Winterizing your home may feel like a chore, but it’s easy, cheap and will surely make the winter go by as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

Old windows and doors may add to that vintage or traditional charm you always crave, but it certainly doesn’t keep the cold out of the home. In fact, old windows and doors can be the No. 1 source of heat loss.

Bear in mind, new windows are not cheap, but the long-term energy and heat savings are sure to make up for that hefty investment. Royal Windows and Doors is here on Long Island manufacturing replacement windows in a huge assortment for you to choose from.  Keep in mind, you are not limited to replacing your windows with what is already there.  You can change the look of your entire house inside and out by choosing replacement windows in a different style and even a different size!

So many homeowners are using draft stoppers nowadays as opposed to installing new doors. But a draft stopper is not a permanent solution. Replace your entry door with a Royal Premium Fiberglass Door and you will worry no more . Fiberglass is a relatively new material in doors today, Nassau County. It’s very low maintenance, resists denting and scratching, and is very strong and secure. It also offers a wood grain if you desire a wood-look. (Oak, Mahogany, Cherry and Fir)

Quality is huge in fiberglass doors (much like wood doors). Stay away from the cheap brands if possible. Cheap fiberglass may crack (especially in cold weather) and fall apart. Its finish may deteriorate quickly and the inner core could rot.

Another benefit to fiberglass is that unlike wood and steel, it doesn’t need to be finished to be considered low maintenance. Fiberglass, even when left unfinished, will last for years without fears of mold, deterioration, or rust. A very important thing to note in fiberglass doors is the quality of their wood grain. Royal Windows and Doors makes the most impressive wood grain in a fiberglass door to date. This is called random depth graining, and is combined with thicker, more detailed panels and real wood square side panels to top it off.

Royal Windows and Doors has two Long Island locations where you can see their doors in person…one in Commack and one in Bay Shore.  Stop in to Royal, customize your doors, and windows ,have them install them  and….you can still keep them open to let the sun shine in, or close them to keep  Old Man Winter out.  Adorn them as you please, but here is the best part…you can sleep well at night knowing that you made the best choice to keep you and your loved ones secure.