Suffolk County, caulking your windows won’t help you much during the winter months. New windows can make a dramatic difference in any home, whether you want to improve its appearance, open up a spectacular view or simply replace worn units that seem to let in more wind and rain than they keep out.

Royal Windows and Doors manufactures Upvc Windows that are especially energy efficient, thanks to a honeycomb of chambers that boost insulating ability by trapping air, and can be built to fit any size opening. And unlike wood, they never need repainting.

Suffolk County do not procrastinate. This is the right time for you to order your windows before winter is here. Think it’s expensive to replace your windows?  Think again.  It’s actually more expensive NOT to replace them.  It’s no secret that oil and electric prices have skyrocketed.  Where is all of that precious heat that you are paying for going?  It’s literally going out your windows Long Island!

When it gets chilly inside you turn up your thermostat to ward off the cold. Your walls and windows are the only barrier to the cold air outside.  No matter how much insulation you have in your walls, unless you have quality windows like the ones manufactured and installed on Long Island by the experts at Royal Windows and Doors, that heat is slowly (or in many cases…quickly) seeping out of those drafty windows.

Royal Windows and Doors has two locations, one in Bay Shore and one in Commack, so no matter where you are on Long Island, you can stop in and see the large selection of windows that they can manufacture for you.  That’s right!  Royal Windows are not only Made in the USA… they make their windows on Long Island!  Do yourself a favor, either call Royal Windows and Doors or stop in to one of their showrooms and start saving money on your heating and electric bills right away.  Let’s face it, can you really afford not to?