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Replacement Windows, Farmingdale
Posted 1 year ago
Replacement Royal Windows

Replacement Royal Windows

Farmingdale, the hot summer months are officially here and if you are uncomfortable in your own home, it’s time you look into having new windows installed! Many times, old leaky windows are the reason why your home is warm and muggy in the summer, and cool and drafty in the winter. If these issues are present in your home, you are living with discomfort and probably higher energy bills that you’d like to see. One of the best ways to get around this is to invest in high-quality replacement windows. Stop living in an uncomfortable home all year long and look to Royal Windows & Doors to invest in quality windows.

Our upvc windows are not your average windows, but are among the best quality windows available in the industry today! We are proud of our outstanding reputation of providing quality products and expert window installations. Incredibly durable and  energy efficient, our windows won’t let you down. They are built to stand up to all seasons and the inclement weather that comes with those seasons.

Farmingdale, Royal will manufacture all your windows to your exact specifications. You can choose your own installers or contractors to have the windows installed, or if you require expert factory installers we will be more than happy to provide you with our installation services. If you choose to have us install your Royal windows you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our installers are very  knowledgeable on all our products as well as some of the best factory trained craftsmen you will ever come across.



Patio Doors, Farmingdale
Posted 2 years ago

Farmingdale, take advantage of the warm weather and spend your evenings outdoors on your porch or patio.

Sliding glass Doors and French Doors can be left open during summer gatherings, enabling guests to mix freely throughout indoor and outdoor rooms.

Farmingdale, are you looking for Stylish, Low-Maintenance and Energy-Efficient Patio Doors? Royal Windows and Doors has the ideal Patio Doors for your home. Royal Windows and Doors offer distinctive design options like between-the-glass grilles, and shades, as well as double-pane Low-E insulating glass and foam-insulated panels.

Go ahead, order your Patio Doors today. There is still plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your summer outdoors.

French Patio Doors , Transoms ,All with grills between the Glass , White Finish

French Patio Doors , Transoms ,All with grills between the Glass , White Finish

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